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Review on Antimicrobial Resistance report: Infection prevention, control and surveillance

The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, chaired by economist Jim O’Neill and commissioned by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, has released its latest report on 22 March, titled, “Infection prevention, control and surveillance: Limiting the development and spread of drug resistance”. The report examines the central role that infection prevention, control and surveillance need to play in combating the rise of drug-resistant infections, based on the recognition that fundamental improvements in these areas are the key to sustainable gains in health outcomes. The paper looks first at the role of infection prevention in the community through improved water and sanitation infrastructure, then looks at the need to prevent and control infections health and care settings. Finally, it looks at monitoring resistant infections through surveillance systems that will provide valuable information for doctors, patients and global and national policymakers to inform interventions and legislation.

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