Driving reinvestment in R&D for antibiotics and advocating their responsible use

Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship


DRIVE-AB will compile and assess definitions of metrics of responsible use across diverse socioeconomic, geographic and clinical settings, as well as systematically review the variation in antibiotic use and analyse the barriers to and enablers of this drug use. The project team will then develop a conceptual framework for a standard of responsible use


DRIVE-AB will develop dynamic, updatable mathematical prediction models of multidrug-resistant (MDR)pathogen spread from first detection to becoming an established endemic. Using these models, the team will determine the clinical impact of emerging MDR pathogens and antibiotic resistance to determine their impact across various settings, as well estimate the need for new antibiotics. The communication of these results will be facilitated with the help of stakeholders around the globe.


DRIVE-AB will determine the economic consequences of antibiotic resistance around the world as well as the economic value of new antibiotics from the perspectives of patients, health care providers, payers and society as a whole. The team will then assess how these values change when subject to new antibiotic incentive and development models.

The project team will then implement these new antibiotic valuation models to provide broad estimates of the economic value of effective antibiotics by category to develop four valuation cases based on hypothetical new antibiotics and test the robustness of them to changes in regulatory and market environments.


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