Driving reinvestment in R&D for antibiotics and advocating their responsible use

DRIVE-AB Outputs: Webcasts

Webcast of a high-level training event for senior members of the medical antibiotic stewardship community to inform them on preliminary DRIVE-AB Work Package 1A (Responsible use of antibiotics) results, receive stakeholder feedback, and discuss ways to achieve consistency in the implementation of quantitative metrics and quality indicators of responsible antibiotic across Europe and further abroad.

Welcome address – Judy Hackett, DRIVE-AB and AstraZeneca

DRIVE AB’s vision and solutions – Stephan Harbarth, DRIVE-AB and University of Geneva

Governance and finance recommendations from DRIVE-AB – Christine Ärdal, DRIVE-AB and Norwegian Institute of Public Health

How do we capture the societal value of antibiotics? – Ramanan Laxminarayan, DRIVE-AB, University of Strathclyde and Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy

Surveillance and predicting future need for antibiotics – Yehuda Carmeli, DRIVE-AB and Tel Aviv University

The need to increase R&D push incentives and effective pipeline co-ordination – Ursula Theuretzbacher, DRIVE-AB and Center for Anti-Infective Agents

A review of proposed models, their implementation and how they deliver on each of the DRIVE AB pillars – David Findlay, DRIVE-AB and GlaxoSmithKline

Closing remarks – Stephan Harbarth, DRIVE-AB and University of Geneva


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