Driving reinvestment in R&D for antibiotics and advocating their responsible use

DRIVE-AB Outputs: Reports and Briefing Documents

 DRIVE-AB Final Report

DRIVE-AB issues final report on its research-based suggestions for driving antibiotic development while ensuring access and sustainable use.

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Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship

Final report on the findings of Work Package 1A regarding quality indicators and quantity metrics of antibiotic use in the hospital and outpatient settings.

Economic Models

Preliminary results from the antibiotic R&D pipeline simulator created within WP2/Task 9 of DRIVE-AB, by Uppsala University – July 2017.

Peer-reviewed article presented at the Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS) Spring Sim Conference, held on 23-26 April, 2017, in Virginia Beach, USA.

Detailed report on the discussions and outputs of the 2016 DRIVE-AB conference held on 2 June, 2016, in Amsterdam.

Detailed descriptions of DRIVE-AB’s preliminary findings regarding incentives to stimulate antibiotic innovation, which were discussed at the DRIVE-AB conference and stakeholder meeting on 2 and 3 June, respectively.

Brief summary of the 2016 DRIVE-AB conference held on 2 June, 2016, in Amsterdam.

Pre-conference report developed for the DRIVE-AB conference held on 2 June, 2016, in Amsterdam.

Final report from Work Package 2 on a combination of literature reviews, stakeholder interviews and input from team members on risks and bottlenecks to antibiotic innovation. This report can inform a set of criteria to evaluate and assess different proposed reward models and other incentives to solutions, and will be transformed into a narrative to set the stage for the final DRIVE-AB recommendations.

Final report from Work Package 2 on their assessment of reward and business models in other industries that promote conservation and that address key challenges that are similar to those faced in the field of antibiotics. Published 12 January 2016

Final report from the first DRIVE-AB stakeholder meeting, which took place on Monday, 9 February 2015, in London.


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