Driving reinvestment in R&D for antibiotics and advocating their responsible use

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is one of the pillars of the DRIVE-AB project. The engagement and input of individuals, institutions, societies, and governments is critical to ensure that project outputs are robust, relevant, supported and implementable. DRIVE-AB outputs, including definitions, public health priorities, valuation models, economic models, and implementation plans, need to be applicable to a variety of geographical, cultural and socioeconomic backdrops. For this, a wide variety of stakeholder input is essential for both their development and their global implementation if DRIVE-AB is to be successful in contributing toward solving the antibiotic resistance crisis.

Stakeholder engagement opportunities range from consultation on literature reviews and reports, to  participation in model testing, to participating in Delphi rounds, interviews, focus groups, surveys, and meetings and conferences.

For more information on stakeholder engagement opportunities, please choose the area of focus that you would like to be involved in:

DRIVE-AB stakeholders are categorized into the following groups based on their roles in the field:

– Patients / Civil Societies / Global Health
– Professional Societies
– Research & Development (R&D) Companies / Venture Capital Firms / R&D Funders
– Decision Makers / Policy Makers
– Expert Advisors

To register to be an official stakeholder, please fill out our Expression of Interest form to let us know how you would prefer to engage with the DRIVE-AB project.