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2nd Annual General Assembly Meeting


The second annual General Assembly meeting will take place from 17 to 18 of October, 2016 in Oslo, Norway, and will bring together DRIVE-AB partners and participants from around the world. Through a series of plenary discussions and interactive break out sessions, the expert consortium will discuss the progress of the project over its first two years of operation and decide upon next steps and opportunities for improvement in operations for the final remaining year. Key upcoming stakeholder engagement activities and the communication of the consortium’s final results will be a central theme to this meeting as DRIVE-AB works towards completing its research and disseminating the results, including recommendations for implementation of the consortium’s recommendations.

Sessions will include discussions on DRIVE-AB objectives, keynote lectures, a discussion around the global context of DRIVE-AB, work package updates, and stakeholder engagement strategies.

Please click here to view the Agenda: DRIVE-AB General Assembly 2016.


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