Driving reinvestment in R&D for antibiotics and advocating their responsible use

Creating, Testing and Validating Economic Models

DRIVE-AB will engage with stakeholders at the outset to capitalize on their critical insights to inform development of this portion of the project.

DRIVE-AB, with the help of our stakeholders, will assess the specific barriers and risks, both real and perceived, that affect the development of antibiotics. The team will then evaluate reward and business models in other industries that might also support stewardship and conservation or address key challenges that are similar to those faced in the field of antibiotic discovery and development.

The project team will then develop, analyze, validate, and explore in detail the implementation of the most promising reward models for antibiotic discovery and development, including which funding sources will encourage investment in antibiotic R&D whilst simultaneously supporting stewardship and conservation of antibiotics through their appropriate use. Further validation of the most promising reward models will be done against a set of public health policy recommendations that are focused on antibiotic stewardship.

There are wide ranging stakeholder engagement opportunities for individuals and institutions, both public and private, which are involved in public health, health policy and administration, economics, research, and the pharmaceuticals industry.

Please click here for a list of policy briefs that the team has developed.

Stakeholder input is required for:

– developing a vision for the purpose of new economic models, – COMPLETED

– developing model parameters, – COMPLETED

– bottleneck and risk perceptions in antibacterial drug research and development,  – COMPLETED

– analyzing reward and business models in other industries, – COMPLETED

– commenting on public health policy options to encourage stewardship, – IN PROGRESS

– commenting on the impact of potential disruptive technologies reaching the market, – COMPLETED

– engage in developing alternative reward models, and – COMPLETED 

– engage in implementing new reward models. – PROGRESS WILL CONTINUE POST-PROJECT

If you are interested in participating with any of the above, please contact Science Communications Officer Victoria Wells and provide your name, email address, affiliations, and an indication of the capacity in which you would like to get involved.

For more information on the team responsible for these activities, see Work Package 2: Creation and testing of new economic models


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