Driving reinvestment in R&D for antibiotics and advocating their responsible use

UK AMR Review releases report on ‘Antimicrobials in Agriculture and the Environment’ & DRIVE-AB participants respond

This report, “Antimicrobials in agriculture and the environment: Reducing unnecessary use and waste”, provides an overview of the use of antibiotics in animals and agriculture, and the role that manufacturing and use of antimicrobials play in bringing these into the wider environment. It calls for three interventions: First, a global target needs to be set to reduce use of antibiotics in food production and that we should reassess which antibiotics should be used in both animals and humans. Second, it recommends that there be minimum standards set to limit the release of active pharmaceutical ingredients during the manufacturing process. Finally, it proposes that there be improved surveillance to monitor the situation with respect to both these issues and to help to inform global standards and targets.

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Please click here to read a response by DRIVE-AB participant and BSAC Chair in Public Engagement, Laura Piddock.

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