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DRIVE-AB Metrics & Indicators of Responsible Antibiotic Use Included in ECDC’s Draft EU Guidelines of Human Antibiotic Use

The European Commission has asked the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) to develop draft EU guidelines on the prudent use of antimicrobials in human medicine, including generic principles of good practice on the appropriate use of antimicrobial agents in human medical practice in the EU. These draft guidelines will be a key contribution to support the European Commission in its aim to produce a finalised EU guidelines document.

DRIVE-AB Work Package 1A’s work on indicators and metrics of responsible antibiotic use (available here) have been considered in the drafting of this document and are referred to on page 10 of the proposal, where the methodology is described,
“Examples of good practice were provided where possible. Example indicators or metrics that can be used for monitoring appropriate use of antimicrobials and comparisons or benchmarking were proposed based on available relevant indicator lists, e.g. the DRIVE-AB project [35], the TATFAR structure and process indicators for antimicrobial stewardship programmes [51] and the ESAC-Net indicators on consumption of antibacterials [30].”

The draft guidelines are now open for public consultation on the ECDC website. Please click here to view.