Driving reinvestment in R&D for antibiotics and advocating their responsible use

Workshop: Sustainable use policies within a new multi-sectoral framework for antibiotics

DRIVE-AB is collaborating with CARB-X and the Brocher Foundation to host a small, invitation-only workshop with some of our key stakeholders on sustainable use policies within a new multi-sectoral framework for antibiotics. The workshop will take place 18-19 May 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.

As measures are implemented to encourage the development of new antibiotics, sustainable use policies are desperately needed to ensure that any new products developed do not get wasted.  Policies are needed across numerous sectors of the economy and require some level of cohesiveness.  Essential measures to curb inappropriate use such as quantitative goals and restrictions on product promotion are clear necessities, yet the success of such policies depends on this much wider, multi-sectoral approach to sustainable use.  The realization of these sustainable use efforts hinges on their careful design and practical considerations.


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