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World Health Organization releases survey about its antimicrobial resistance activities

The World Health Organization (WHO) has invited stakeholders from around the world to participate in a short survey about their activities for prevention and containment of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The WHO has been engaged in this field for many years, but has renewed its focus after the release of the Global Report on Surveillance in 2014 and the adoption of the Global Action Plan in May 2015. The purpose of the survey is to collect information about the views and perceptions of professionals working with AMR on the WHO's previous efforts, and how their future activities should be prioritized. It is hoped...
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Dr Marc Sprenger steps in as Director of the World Health Organization secretariat for antimicrobial resistance

Dr Marc Sprenger has stepped in this year as Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) secretariat for antimicrobial resistance. Marc and this secretariat focus on coordination of an Organization-wide approach to antimicrobial resistance, working with WHO programmes carrying out technical activities required for the implementation of the global action plan on antimicrobial resistance. “I am very honoured and feel privileged to be in this role at WHO, because the Organization has much to offer in the fight against antimicrobial resistance,” said Dr Sprenger, who brings a wealth of technical expertise and leadership experience in the field spanning nearly 30 years. For more...
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WHO releases ‘Worldwide country situatuation analysis: Response to antimicrobial resistance’

In April, 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a new report titled Worldwide country situation analysis: response to antimicrobial resistance on what countries around the world are doing to address the antimicrobial resistance crisis.
Although (antimicrobial resistance is) widely recognized as an urgent problem by many international organizations and ministries of health, not all countries have a response plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance. Some regions face other, more pressing problems, and many low- to middle-income countries do not have the resources to implement response mechanisms. A “country situation analysis” was subsequently conducted in countries in each of the six WHO regions to assess current...
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