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DRIVE-AB Holds Successful Conference on Stimulating Innovation, Sustainable Use and Global Access to Antibiotics

  On Thursday 2 June, 2016, the DRIVE-AB consortium, which is developing new economic models to stimulate antibiotic innovation and ensure global access to and sustainable use of antibiotics, held the “Stimulating innovation, sustainable use and global access to antibiotics” conference in Amsterdam. Global leaders agree on the need to maintain a steady supply of new antibiotics for all as a critical part of the strategy to address antibiotic resistance and that new reward models are necessary to achieve this goal. While basic frameworks have been proposed, the DRIVE-AB consortium seeks a level of granularity that other initiatives have not, moving beyond discussions to concrete plans for policy...
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Review on AMR Releases Final Recommendations

  The United Kingdom's Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, chaired by Lord Jim O'Neill, has released its final report: "Tackling Drug-Resistant Infections Globally: final report and recommendations". This report outlines the Review’s final recommendations. It first discusses the mounting problem of resistance and why action is needed to combat it and then provides an overview of the solutions that the Review thinks should be implemented to curtail unnecessary use and increase the supply of new antimicrobials. It then looks at the role of public awareness campaigns, the need to improve sanitation and hygiene, reduce pollution from agriculture and the environment, improve global surveillance,...
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Pew Charitable Trusts Releases Scientific Roadmap for Antibiotic Discovery

The Pew Charitable Trusts released a Scientific Roadmap for Antibiotic Discovery today. The last time scientists discovered a truly new antibiotic that made it to market was in 1984. This report outlines what needs to be done to end this dangerous drought in antibiotic discovery, and why we desperately need to discover new antibiotics that can defeat increasingly resistant superbugs. Click here to read the report.

For more information, please visit Pew’s antibiotic resistance project.

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DRIVE-AB Conference 2016: Stimulating innovation, sustainable use and global access to antibiotics

Stimulating innovation, sustainable use and global access to antibiotics

2 June 2016 Amsterdam, The Netherlands The consortium is organizing a high-level conference to bring together policy makers, regulatory and public health experts, and economists to identify and evaluate reward models that are feasible, practical and can be implemented globally. This conference is supported by the EU Presidency of the Netherlands. This event is expected to stimulate a dialogue among international decision-makers on the implementation of R&D incentive policies which will help to inform DRIVE-AB final recommendations, which will be announced in 2017. Aim of the Conference DRIVE-AB will present the preliminary results of its research...
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BEAM Alliance is DRIVE-AB’s newest Associate Partner

The European Beam Alliance is DRIVE-AB's newest Associate Partner. The group of small and medium sized European biopharmaceutical companies are involved in innovation in the field of antimicrobial resistance research and work to improve the regulatory, investment, and commercial environments in Europe for research, development, approval and market viability of new products combating antimicrobial resistance. The Beam Alliance will support DRIVE-AB in our work to develop new reward models to drive investment in antibiotic discovery and development activities.  ...
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