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US Announces $20 Million Prize for New Diagnostic Tools to Fight AMR

A US national prize competition calling for innovative ideas for diagnostic tests to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has launched today. The prize is specifically looking for rapid, point-of-care laboratory diagnostic tests to combat the development and spread of drug resistant bacteria, a rising public health threat. The Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostic Challenge will award $20 million in prizes over all phases of the competition for new, innovative and novel laboratory diagnostic tests. The diagnostic tests being sought are those that identify and characterize antibiotic resistant bacteria and those that distinguish between viral and bacterial infections to reduce unnecessary uses of antibiotics, which is a major...
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G20 Promises to Promote Prudent Use of Antibiotics and Calls for Options to Tackle AMR, Including Economic Aspects

The G20 met in Hangzhou, China on 4-5 September 2016 to discuss the challenges to and opportunities for international economic cooperation, and which steps may need to be taken to improve global economic growth. At this meeting, the crisis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) was discussed, and the G20 has issued a statement promising to promote prudent antibiotic use and calling on the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the Organisation for EconomicCo-operation and Development (OECD) to report back in 2017 on possible solutions to the problem, including the economic aspects. The statement, article 46 in the official...
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WHO Reviewing Proposals for AMR Global R&D Priority Pathogens Project

The World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products is busy reviewing proposals for a project to develop a list of global R&D priorities for resistant pathogens. The final list will contribute to the development of a Global R&D Priority Pathogens List, which will help to inform global R&D priorities for effective antibiotic treatments. See the World Health Organization website for more information.      ...
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Conference Report Available Now: Stimulating Innovation, Sustainable Use and Global Access to Antibiotics

On 2 June, 2016, the DRIVE-AB consortium, with support from the EU Presidency of the Netherlands, held a high-level conference on stimulating innovation, sustainable use and global access to antibiotics in Amsterdam. The event attracted more than 180 policy makers, regulatory and public health experts and economists to identify and evaluate reward models that are feasible, practical and can be implemented globally. Discussions among the experts identified key gaps in global action and policy, mechanisms for ensuring sustainable use and new economic models to stimulate antibiotic innovation while ensuring access and sustainable use. The full conference report outlines the key messages and outcomes...
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DRIVE-AB Prepares for United Nations General Assembly Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance

The DRIVE-AB consortium is busy preparing for the United Nations (UN) General Assembly high-level meeting on antimicrobial resistance, which will take place in New York on 26 September. This is only the third health issue to ever be discussed at this level at the UN General Assembly, following non-communicable diseases in 2011 and the first, HIV/AIDS, in 2001. The primary objective of the meeting is to summon and maintain strong national, regional and international political commitment in addressing antimicrobial resistance comprehensively and multi-sectorally, and to increase and improve awareness of antimicrobial resistance. DRIVE-AB participants, other partner organizations such as Read more