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New financing tool InnovFin Infectious Diseases provides loans to incentivise antimicrobial R&D

A new financing tool dedicated to research and development in infectious diseases has been launched by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. This tool, called InnovFin Infectious Diseasesenables the European Investment Bank to provide between EUR 7.5m and EUR 75m to innovative players active in developing vaccines, drugs, medical and diagnostic devices, and research infrastructures for combating infectious diseases. Financing is aimed at projects that have passed the pre-clinical stage and for which clinical validation is needed for further development....
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Australia Releases First National AMR Strategy

Australia’s Department of Health and Department of Agriculture have worked together to come up with the country’s first national antimicrobial resistance strategy, "Responding to the threat of antimicrobial resistance", which lays out plans for action from 2015-2019. The strategy has seven main objectives:
  1. Increase awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance, its implications and actions to combat it, through effective communication, education, and training.
  2. Implement effective antimicrobial stewardship practices against human health and animal care settings to ensure the appropriate and judicious prescribing, dispensing and administering of antimicrobials.
  3. Develop nationally coordinated One Health surveillance of antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial usage.
  4. Improve infection prevention and control...
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Stimulating the antimicrobial pipeline: A global perspective, June 2015

An Antimicrobial Innovation Alliance meeting on Stimulating the antimicrobial pipeline: A global perspective will be held on 18 June 2015 at the US Capitol Visitor Center on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA. The meeting is also supported by the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance and DRIVE-AB. DRIVE-AB participant Christine Årdal gave a presentation at this meeting on "Creating, Testing and Validating New Economic Models for Antibiotic R&D". The slide set, and others from numerous events, can also be found under "Resources: Slide Sets". Please see the event program for...
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BEAM Alliance launched

On 10 June, 2015, the European BEAM Alliance was officially launched. BEAM represents an alliance of European biotechnology companies that are involved in developing innovative products to tackle antimicrobial resistance. They collaborate with the existing community of stakeholders dedicated to implementing tangible strategies, and give its member companies a unique voice to propose and support policies and incentives in antimicrobial research and development in Europe. "BEAM recommends supportive incentives that warrant action by policymakers to stimulate much needed innovation by biotechs." - BEAM Alliance press release Please click to view the press release....
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