Driving reinvestment in R&D for antibiotics and advocating their responsible use


DRIVE-AB is organizing high-level conference to identify and evaluate feasible reward models

The consortium is organizing a high-level conference to bring together policy makers, regulatory and public health experts, and economists to identify and evaluate reward models that are feasible, practical and can be implemented globally. This event is expected to stimulate a dialogue among international decision-makers on the implementation of R&D incentive policies which will help to inform DRIVE-AB final recommendations, which will be announced in 2017. For more information, please view the event page....
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Declaration by the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Diagnostics Industries on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

On January 21, 2016, the Declaration by the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Diagnostics Industries on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance was launched at an event at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This was drafted, agreed and signed by 85 companies and nine industry associations from across the global pharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotechnology industries in 18 different countries. In the Declaration, signatory companies call on governments to work with them to develop new and alternative market structures that provide more dependable and sustainable market models for antibiotics, and to commit the funds needed to implement them. The Declaration on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance represents a major milestone in...
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DRIVE-AB reports on solutions from other industries applicable to the antibiotic field

Work Package 2, responsible for the creation and testing of new economic models, has released a short report on solutions from other industries that are applicable to the antibiotic field. The report is an assessment of reward and business models in other industries that promote conservation and that address key challenges that are similar to those faced in the field of antibiotics. To read the report, please click here. To see more about Work Package 2 and their outputs, please click here. To view all DRIVE-AB outputs, please click here.  ...
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DRIVE-AB participant Kevin Outterson awarded APUA Leadership Award 2015

The Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA) named Kevin Outterson, J.D., LL.M., professor at the Boston University School of Law and Boston University School of Public Health, as the recipient of its 2015 leadership award. Professor Outterson, DRIVE-AB Work Package 2 participant and the N. Pike Scholar in Health and Disability Law and co-director of Boston University's health law program, is the author of groundbreaking models to address the economic challenge of developing new antibiotics. Together with his scholarship and testimony before the United States Congress, he elevates the issues of antimicrobial resistance to a new...
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UK AMR Review releases report on ‘Antimicrobials in Agriculture and the Environment’ & DRIVE-AB participants respond

This report, "Antimicrobials in agriculture and the environment: Reducing unnecessary use and waste", provides an overview of the use of antibiotics in animals and agriculture, and the role that manufacturing and use of antimicrobials play in bringing these into the wider environment. It calls for three interventions: First, a global target needs to be set to reduce use of antibiotics in food production and that we should reassess which antibiotics should be used in both animals and humans. Second, it recommends that there be minimum standards set to limit the release of active pharmaceutical ingredients during the manufacturing process. Finally, it...
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