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DRIVE-AB Represented at Thirteenth Meeting of WHO Patient Safety Programme and Industry Representatives

On 27 June, 2016, DRIVE-AB was represented at the Thirteenth Meeting of WHO Patient Safety Programme and Industry Representatives which was held at the University of Geneva Hospitals with invited representation the HUG-WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, Infection Control and Improving Practices.

The purpose of the meeting was to outline the WHO/WCC aims for hand hygiene promotion and improvement in 2016 including photo promotions, hand sanitizing relay, completion of the WHO Global Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework Survey and use of WHO hand hygiene improvement tools. The meeting also set out to review on-going activities and perspectives for the upcoming year, to discuss alternative approaches to hand hygiene promotion, update hand hygiene research and describe the role of Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS) in influencing actions in support of the WHO.

DRIVE-AB coordinator Stephan Harbarth and DRIVE-AB partner Chantal Morel were in attendance, and DRIVE-AB was well represented by a presentation given by Chantal Morel on the progress of our novel economic models to drive innovation.